About Us

The Hosts

From the Void is an Eternal podcast with hosts Navillus and BassoonBuffoon.  Our goal is to entertain and inform our listeners about the community and news surrounding the Eternal Digital CCG.

Travis “BassoonBuffoon” Jones has been playing Eternal since March 2017. His notable eternal achievements include several Eternal Tournament Series Top 8 finishes, and an appearance in the Top 32 of the DWD-sponsored reunion tournament. Outside of Eternal he performs and teaches bassoon professionally in East Tennessee. When he’s not petting his dog Scout or in pursuit of the best pizza on the east coast with his lovely wife Courtney, you can find him streaming at twitch.tv/bassoonbuffoon.

Robert “Navillus” Sullivan has been playing Eternal since August 2017. He has a background in playing competitive Magic The Gathering and has dabbled quite a lot with Hearthstone before finding Eternal. Even though he still plays those Eternal is his favorite. When Navillus is not playing Eternal you can usually find him with his beautiful wife Amanda and his awesome dog Freya hiking to waterfalls, rock climbing, or just hanging out at coffee shops. You can find Navillus at @whatthedeckHS on Twitter.